Friday, 20 April 2012

How To Fold Paper Napkins

Just because your establishment is using paper napkins (perhaps its an outdoor event or one for a large number of guests when fabric ones just aren’t suitable or viable) does not mean that you cannot make them look creative and elegant. For wrapping your napkins around silverware, use either the pocket or the wrap technique.

Pocket Technique
Lay out the paper napkin, complete unfolded, in front of you. Fold the napkin in half, leaving the open side towards you, then fold it in half again, this time long ways (which should leave the paper folded into quarters and the open corner at the top left). Take the top layer of the napkin and fold it back diagonally towards you (to the bottom right corner). Flip it over, putting the open corner to the top right, and fold the right side of the paper back to about one-third of the way. Fold the left side back about one-third of the way also. Flip over the napkin again and, after adjusting any uneven spots, slide the silverware into the pocket you have created.

Wrap Technique
Lay out the paper napkin, folded into quarters, in front of you. Then, lay the silverware (stacked up on top of each other) onto the paper, about 1 inch away from the left side. Fold the napkin from the left, being sure to cover the silverware, and roll it to the right twice, covering the silverware further. Fold up the bottom of the napkin so that it is tight against the silverware, then finish rolling up the paper until there isn’t any left.

Whilst the pocket technique is far more complex then the wrap one, both are very elegant ways to present your silverware and paper napkins. As you can see, with just a little thought and creativity, your paper napkins can look just as attractive as fabric ones.


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