Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How To Clean And Sanitize Kitchen Equipment

As anyone working in the hospitality industry would know all too well, it is imperative that you clean and sanitize all of your kitchen equipment after use, as this helps to prevent food-borne pathogens, mould and other unhealthy contaminants from infecting your cooking. Follow these simple instructions to ensure that your kitchen is left clean and sanitary at all times:

Begin by sanitizing your drying racks. Prepare a sanitizing mixture in a sink that is composed of about 4 litres of warm water and 1 tablespoon of bleach. Dip the drying racks into the solution, and leave to air dry completely before using. Then, dip your sponges and brushes into the mixture and also leave to air dry.

Fill another sink with hot, soapy water. Use the sponges and brushes you sanitized earlier to rid your kitchen equipment of oil, food and other dirt. You should always break down each item of equipment wherever possible (by removing blades, handles, and so on). Rinse the kitchen equipment in clean, running water when you’ve finished.

Take the clean kitchen equipment and place it into the sink that you filled with your sanitizing solution earlier. You will need to leave each item to soak for around 30 to 60 seconds. After removing the equipment from the solution, you will need to lay them onto the drying racks that you sanitized earlier and leave them to air dry.

If you are a littler adverse at using bleach to clean your kitchen equipment, you could also submerge each item in a pot of boiling water for around 30 seconds after cleaning. This will also effectively sanitize them. Remember to also keep your storage areas properly cleaned and sanitized; you can do this by wiping them down regularly with bleach wipes.


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